The John Knox House Museum

The lovers of paint art and carvings should make a trip to John Knox’s museum. Art in painting form usually has a message which only these people understand. It does not have to have written details, but these carvings and paintings describe it all. The following is a touch of the museum:

The museum is located at Edinburg and dates to 1490 and above. There is no record of the specific time this museum was built. Initially, this museum was a house that people used to live. The first owner was Walter Reidpath. The house came to be called after John Knox because of the Victorian writers who always attached Knox’s name to their writings. His association with Mary, the most influential figure in Scot was also a contributing factor behind its naming. The building was condemned for demolition in1849 but was saved by urban conservationists.

Since 1850, the museum has undergone several renovations that help in conserving what it holds. Each room of this museum has information in forms of carvings and paintings. The paintings are done on the walls and the ceilings of the building. These paintings and sculptures are said to be historic as they unveil the happenings of an era that had a lot of leadership instability.

The architecture of this museum is quite historic as well. It features a design that was only understood by those who lived in it. The design was made to provide utmost security and to make sure intruders did not find their way inside the house. This act shows that the dwellers of the house were wealthy and had high chances of having break-ins from attackers.

From the Museum, one can access John Knox’s writings which were mainly based on religion. His writings mostly portray how he lived as a Christian who converted from a Catholic to a Presbyterian. It is however said that John Knox did not live for a long time in this house. It is approximated that he only stayed for about three months before he passed on. His legacy has ever since been passed on for centuries up to today.

The museum is in a cool area and can be easily accessed. One can easily maneuver around the museum and try to test the architectural design’s security. Some of the activities one can carry around the place are photo taking. One can use the photos as a reminder of the history behind the museum or for sharing.

The charges for entering to John Knox house museum are friendly. One can afford to take their family at the museum at these prices. This is because they do not have fixed charges, but charge depending on the age tiers. The museum’s tickets are also available online and can be accessible to anyone willing to go and visit it. It welcomes everyone regardless of where they come from, to go and experience the beauty and the rich history found within.

If you a Scottish national and have never visited this museum, consider visiting it. While visiting Scot, make sure to include its visit as a must do activities.